Thanks, but no thanks

To the rescue!

To the rescue!

  • Joe Royle – Manchester City – 2001 (after relegation)
  • Mick McCarthy – Sunderland – 2006 (after relegation)
  • Billy Davies – Derby County – 2007
  • Neil Warnock – Sheffield United – 2007 (after relegation)
  • Chris Hughton – Newcastle United – 2010
  • Roberto Di Matteo – West Bromwich Albion – 2011
  • Neil Warnock – Queens Park Rangers – 2012
  • Nigel Adkins – Southampton – 2013
  • Brian McDermott – Reading – 2013

Before trawling the record books I had assumed there had been many more Premier League managers who had been sacked in their first season after promotion.

By my reckoning, there have been only nine; though five of those have been in the past three seasons as the increased riches of the league leads to greater pressure on Chairmen to maintain their slice of the action.

It seems to work too. Newcastle (who were hardly in danger anyway), West Brom and QPR have all recently survived in the Premier League after brutally sacking the man who got them there.

The odds are against that pattern continuing this season though with one of Southampton or, more likely, Reading falling straight back into the Championship.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, but no thanks

  1. Poor strategic planning. Like a business, everyone should know what the objectives and targets are and if you fall short, then a personnel change cannot be such a shock. What always amazes me is that these clubs get rid of their manager (or their Managing Director) and put the Youth team manager (or Canteen Manager) in charge of the team (company). If this is ‘big business’ as we are constantly reminded that it is, then they need to start acting like one. How often does it seem that fans know more than the Chairman (and are proven correct). Quite often.

    Recent examples are:

    Rafa to Chelsea
    Adkins out at Southampton
    Kinnear at Newcastle (in fact anything which happened at the Toon pre Pardieu)
    BMac at Reading (time will tell)

    The grass isn’t always greener (unless it is Christian Gross shade of green).

    In Levy we trust.

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