Back to the Future

Lambs to the slaughter?

That which I did two years ago I find myself doing today; moving onto the next stage of my England-are-crap grief to transcribe an XI to tumble of out the next major championship to the first decent team they come up against. Major newspapers have already had a go at this, with some interesting line-ups presented.

If they qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil the team should still be managed by Roy Hodgson, which makes any proposed formation other than 4-4-2 sadly moot. But, as this is a dream scenario, realism must be cast to the wind in the same way that every England fan dares to hope of the years of hurt coming to an end once a tournament commences. The fact that Roy mentioned Gareth Barry before Wilshere when name-checking players to return to the squad hardly inspires optimism of a Brave New England either.

Most of the names write themselves down: Wilshere (his stock risen having not been involved); Hart (demonstrated skill and character); Ashley Cole (some are advocating Baines/Gibbs but it would be rash to let him go at the age of 33); Lescott (showed his club form for England – how many others do that?); The Ox (has been invested in and should be persevered with); and Welbeck (was slippery and worried defences at the Euros).

I agonised over including Rooney as he hasn’t done anything of note for England since 2004 but I find myself dreaming (again) of what he can be if properly focussed and fit. Same goes for Theo.

Cleverley, Jones and Walker all play the way England will need to succeed: composed on the ball and with their heads up.

In the meantime, come on Team GB!

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