The managerial merry-go-round

The first decisive moves are about to be taken in filling the Premier League’s hot seats.  Who will end up where when the carousel comes to a halt?  I don’t have a scooby but decided to shuffle the besuited Subbuteo figures around the table for kicks.  Here’s my punt (sorry Alan):

Chief amongst many wild assumptions is that Harry would turn down the proffered one-year contract extension at Spurs to take a similar option at Chelsea. However, two factors support this notion: the Harry and Levy relationship is at breaking point; and Harry will see the chance of managing Chelsea (and his beloved nephew) as a bigger role which will give him even more media coverage – a very important consideration for old Hazza.

One thought on “The managerial merry-go-round

  1. Totally agree with this. Didn’t see Brendan heading to Liverpool but nothing’s surprises me in this funny old game.

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