Regicide on Merseyside

As the doyen of Fleet Street football journalists Martin Samuel put it earlier this season; the big problem for Liverpool’s owners would be if the reincarnated King Kenny turned out to be neither very good nor obviously bad second time around, but somewhere vaguely in between. Problem averted.

A combination of finishing mid-table, the unsavoury and protracted Suarez affair, and ill-judged player transfers (even if the prices paid were the responsibility of Comolli) has made the choice for Henry & co an easy one. Liverpool supporters must accept that the dream of the returning King placing the club ‘back where it belongs’ was not destined to be.

When clubs discard failed managers they often go for the distinctly opposite next. The three names mooted – Klopp, AVB and Martinez – fit this bill in that they’re young and have no emotional attachment to the club.

It’s tempting to try and anticipate what would be the most ‘Moneyball’ appointment. In terms of actually winning things in a major league then Klopp would probably be first choice, followed by AVB.

Kenny’s legacy is a Carling Cup and an average squad. As well as filling the manager’s position the focus for the Board will be on addressing this last issue and, that being the case, they could do worse than make Newcastle United’s Chief Scout Graham Carr an offer he can’t refuse.

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